Monday photography: Beyond the clouds!

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Once you step over the barbed wire there is only one thing left.

Mountain peaks to be seen far away, imagining their shape and size.

Beyond the clouds is where you want to be and finally be free

“Life is travelling to the edge of knowledge, then a leap taken.” D.H. Lawrence

The art of pencil drawing!

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The art of pencil drawing started towards the end of the 16th century, when the graphite point was born in Spain and quickly conquered the rest of the world. The most incredible medium that gave artists a new way, better way to express themselves.

Pencil drawings by Faber-Castell


Remembering the Crocodile Hunter!

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A true inspiration for millions of people around the world, Steve Irwin has taught us so much about the animal world. I thank him for all I know about sharks, crocodiles and snakes and I will surely miss his funny way to educate when facing danger.

Although the painting you see is neither a shark, nor a crocodile, it shows the true beauty of everything nature, which we are so recklessly destroying… 

“I believe our biggest issue is the same biggest issue that the whole world is facing, and that’s the habitat destruction.” Steve Irwin

I wasn’t talking to you, I was writing

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Originally posted on Standing Ovation, Seated:

For most of human history, people used to write letters to talk to someone who was not immediately present. They’d frown, murmur the words slowly appearing on a sheet of paper before them, gnaw at their quill, agonise over synonyms, and smile at the postscript. Today, there’s no need to describe the beautiful sunset you’re witnessing: it can be snapped and twittered before the sun sets down.

There’s no need to think while talking to the other “party”. Eavesdropping on phone conversations is a sure way to join a local chapter of the Reverse Darwinism Club (the fraternity of people who believe other people are getting dumber with each passing day).

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This is Edinburgh!

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IMG_0544IMG_0543  IMG_0545



The beauty of Edinburgh and its cemeteries is overwhelming.                                                     Like stepping into another world, a different time, where angels,                                             demons and all sorts of creatures roamed the earth.                                                         I walk through the graves, the many crosses, and my eyes can’t stop wandering around.                           There is such peace, that I must stop and just listen to the silence, trying to hear the angels whisper. Gorgeous carvings and engravings of forgotten and untold stories.                                             I try to understand, I try to make sense but I get distracted over and over again                             by the colours and smells of stone and fresh moss.

This is Edinburgh

La Toilette by Pablo Picasso 1906

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With this beautiful painting, Picasso is showing the two different personalities of this woman he met in Paris. Her name is Fernande. With the nude he shows her openness and vanity because she stares into the mirror, with the dressed figure he shows her cool and quite self. Two very opposites that make this painting one of my favourites. It is a constant struggle women have with themselves, being self conscious about the way they look. “Am I too chubby?” they ask; seldom they ask if they are too skinny though. It is our society’s fault for sure, with media only showing sexy models with flawless and photo-shopped bodies. No wonder boys grow up with that only image in mind and girls just want to be like the models they see everywhere. What happened to the ideal woman from ancient times when all artists painted was chubby bodies, the curvier the better? 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and indulge in yummy food and plenty of wine!

Monday blues: Angels are watching over us…

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“Music is well said to be the speech of angels, in fact, nothing among

the utterances allowed to men, is felt to be so divine.

It brings us near the infinite.” Thomas Carlyle


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