In the light of the setting sun by Victor Borisov Musatov

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In the light of the setting sun by Victor Borisov Musatov

This great Russian artist was born today in 1870. An incredible talent with a difficult childhood. His choice of colors is always spot on.

Nude drawing of the day


Nude drawing of the day

Pen on paper drawing of a woman lying on the floor. I hope you like it.

Winter is finally coming to an end…

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Winter is finally coming to an end...

This great picture was taken by a drone that is capturing the last sun-rays of the day and yes drones have reached Italy too! Courtesy of Alpsvision – the future of flight! Cheers guys.

Picture of the day! Morning dew

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Picture of the day! Morning dew

Great macro photography of some droplets. Missing the color “green” with all this snow that keeps falling. My eyes are in dire need of some different colors..

Modern crucifix woodcarving!

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Modern crucifix woodcarving!

Moving away from the traditional crucifixes we find everywhere, this is a very modern representation of Jesus on the Cross and I think a more enjoyable one to look at.
“I also want to make variations in the field of sculpture by interconnecting and associating the Gothic and the Baroque with today’s contemporary style.” Wilfried Senoner

Cartoon of the day! Masochist vs Sadist

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Cartoon of the day! Masochist vs Sadist

What men and women really think..

Neptune offering gifts to Venice by Giovanni B. Tiepolo!

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Neptune offering gifts to Venice by Giovanni B. Tiepolo!

One of the greatest Italian painters was born today. As described by Michael Levey:”The greatest decorative painter of the eighteenth century in Europe, as well as the most able craftsman.”
This is just a detail of the painting but I want to highlight Neptune’s expression and beard.

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