Bacchus – Michelangelo Merisi aka Caravaggio was born today!

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Probably one of the best Italian painters of all time was born today. His name is Michelangelo but he is referred to as Caravaggio. Not to be mistaken with the other famous Michelangelo whose last name is Buonarotti and lived about a hundred years earlier and is most known for carving the gorgeous “La Pietá”.

Caravaggio was born in Milan and spent most of his life between Rome and Milan. He is most known for his realistic paintings with a very dramatic use of lighting (Chiaroscuro). He mostly painted religious and mundane themes. This particular painting shows a young man (Bacchus) offering a glass of red wine. He was probably using a mirror while painting it.

The fact that Caravaggio never painted nude women and mostly very sensual men, made many believe he was homosexual even though he has been dating a few women throughout his life.

Poplars on the river Epte by Claude Monet (1891)

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monet,word (1)

This gorgeous painting by Claude Monet shows the trees along the river Epte, which is a tributary of the Seine in Normandy. It is very close to where Monet lived, near the town of Giverny. This belongs to a series of similar paintings done by the artist but this I think has the best water reflections. I wonder if he was fishing while he was painting it?

Ed Schembri’s Sweet Torture

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Originally posted on Gallery Marcoux:


Sweet Torture
Ed Schembri (Malta)
70cm x 100cm
Oil on Board Canvas

nude art, oil canvas, rectangle, original art, framed, (Gallery Marcoux @2014)
price on request

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The beauty of a woman!

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“The most beautiful achievement of mother nature is without any doubt the curves of a woman.”

Monday photography: Beyond the clouds!

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Once you step over the barbed wire there is only one thing left.

Mountain peaks to be seen far away, imagining their shape and size.

Beyond the clouds is where you want to be and finally be free

“Life is travelling to the edge of knowledge, then a leap taken.” D.H. Lawrence

The art of pencil drawing!

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The art of pencil drawing started towards the end of the 16th century, when the graphite point was born in Spain and quickly conquered the rest of the world. The most incredible medium that gave artists a new way, better way to express themselves.

Pencil drawings by Faber-Castell


Remembering the Crocodile Hunter!

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A true inspiration for millions of people around the world, Steve Irwin has taught us so much about the animal world. I thank him for all I know about sharks, crocodiles and snakes and I will surely miss his funny way to educate when facing danger.

Although the painting you see is neither a shark, nor a crocodile, it shows the true beauty of everything nature, which we are so recklessly destroying… 

“I believe our biggest issue is the same biggest issue that the whole world is facing, and that’s the habitat destruction.” Steve Irwin

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