word,The iron chandelier from the Alessandro Mazzucotelli school

Handmade chandelier by the Mazzucotelli school representing the four seasons on each side, with not a single braze point.
Alessandro Mazzucotelli was a renowned representative of Milanese Art Nuoveau sculpture.
Mazzucotelli’s wrought-iron provides the distinguishing character in many buildings in the Stile Liberty style in Italy, Germany and Thailand, where he provided ironwork for Annibale Rigotti’s buildings (1907-26) in Bangkok. From 1902 to 1908 he worked in the firm Mazzucotelli-Engelmann and thereafter independently. From 1922 he ran the Scuola d’Arte Decorativa di Monza in Milan.
He is best-known for his wrought ironwork, mainly designed as decorative features for buildings. It is in a vigorous Stile Liberty, with flowing semi-figurative botanical forms reminiscent of those in the Victor Horta houses of the early 1890s. It appears in balustrades and handrails of such buildings as the Palazzo della Borsa (1907; now Post Office) in Milan by Luigi Broggi, Palazzo Castiglioni (1900-03), Corso Venezia 47 and Villa Romeo (1908; now Clinica Columbus), both in Milan and by Guiseppe Sommaruga, and in the lamps in the Piazza del Duomo in Milan, as part of Gaetano Moretti’s renovations of 1927-8.