As we were kids all we dreamed about was being a superhero. Whether it was Batman, Superman, Spiderman or a real life hero like a fire fighter or a cop. We looked up to those characters because they rocked. They were different and made the world a better place. We so desperately wanted to be like them!  As the years went by though, those dreams started to fade and reality set in with society shaping our minds. A successful career became our goal.

We knew early on in our lives that giving would make us feel good and powerful so why did we let go of that feeling? Is it the greed for wealth and money that changed us? Why is it some of us keep saving money as if they would live a thousand lives and others give away everything they have? There is quite a few answers to that question but I’d like to focus on the fact that we just worry to much about what others might think. Would you wear a super tight costume to go to work? I don’t think so! Well, you didn’t care as a kid so why bother now? We lost that “give a fuck” mindset we used to have and stopped thinking about what we really want in our lives, about what really makes us happy and always has: “giving”

So many people have found their way to be Heroes again and live a happy and fulfilling life by helping others.

Now it is your turn! So why don’t you start giving a fuck and make change happen! Be a #CHANGEHERO!

P.S. I apologise in advance for the f-word I may have used!