Vincent Van Gogh the famous Dutch post impressionist artist was the son of a Pastor and was deeply influenced by religion as he grew up. He was teaching religion himself and you can see that there is always a hidden message or image in all of his paintings as well as many references to Japanese culture, which he loved. Whether it is the shape of a lamb, a snake or just names, he even used mirrored writing, like Da Vinci, to convey his message. There was a very thin line between his madness and his creativity. He was suffering of depression and showed his sadness in many of his paintings. 

When you stand in front of one of his paintings take a closer look and see if you can spot all those hidden messages. 

The image above was taken on the streets of Vancouver and I particularly love the sun rays adding light a shade to his portrait as to underline his somehow twisted personality and his constant fight with good and evil.