With this beautiful painting, Picasso is showing the two different personalities of this woman he met in Paris. Her name is Fernande. With the nude he shows her openness and vanity because she stares into the mirror, with the dressed figure he shows her cool and quite self. Two very opposites that make this painting one of my favourites. It is a constant struggle women have with themselves, being self conscious about the way they look. “Am I too chubby?” they ask; seldom they ask if they are too skinny though. It is our society’s fault for sure, with media only showing sexy models with flawless and photo-shopped bodies. No wonder boys grow up with that only image in mind and girls just want to be like the models they see everywhere. What happened to the ideal woman from ancient times when all artists painted was chubby bodies, the curvier the better? 

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and indulge in yummy food and plenty of wine!