The great Norwegian painter Edvard Munch was born today in 1863. This is a tribute to one of his paintings called “The three stages of woman”, where he basically shows the evolution of a woman. You can only see two women in this pencil rendition of his work. The naked woman in the centre is mature, very sensual and provocative while the woman on the side is just a shadow of what a woman used to be. Basically the opposite of sexy. The third woman, which isn’t displayed in this drawing is almost a man, in expression and in clothing.

Munch, like most artists, was struggling with depression and anxiety which resulted in heavy drinking and lead him to the verge of madness. This state can clearly be noticed in his early works. After he was hospitalized though and treated with electric shocks, his mood changed and his paintings became more colourful and less sinister.

Adolf Hitler wasn’t a big fan of Munch; he called his and other artists’ work prehistoric and barbaric. He removed and destroyed many of his works. I wonder what he was into…