I decided to try this Argentine blend not only because of the combination of Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz but mostly because of its artwork on the label. The artist is Garcia Uriburu (1937) from Argentina became famous around the world for dying famous waterways with a fluorescent green pigment that binds to micro-organisms in the water to raise the awareness of water pollution all over the globe.

“I’ve been trying to alarm people against the contamination of rivers and oceans for 40 years, and it’s through my artistic performances that I’ve turned my work into a sort of alert. Today, with more motivations than 40 years ago, I still condemn water contamination and our savage destruction of the planet’s reserves. A planet that our blind omnipotence sees as endless and indestructible,” Garcia Uriburu

Coming back to the wine though I must say that it’s very good on the nose with spicy and peppery notes which seem to fade once the wine is tasted. It is a little unbalanced and too dry in my opinion, maybe the Shiraz is to blame.