Riemenschneider Blood Altar



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Died today in 1531 the great German artist Tilman Riemenschneider. This is an original replica of his famous Blood altar on a slightly smaller scale. The art piece can still be admired in our gallery and is still available for rent or purchase. It was carved in 1992 by Wilfried Senoner (1945-1999) and it took more than one year to finish.

When your ideas are turned into art!

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Wood carving at its best, from the middle of the Dolomites. Let us know about your ideas….and we turn them into reality!

Happy Hump day! Naked

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You start off with a pencil to draw the main lines and then you use soft watercolors for the shading and light coloring.

Sketch of the day: Political Situation

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Although this sketch was made about 46 years ago while Nixon was president it can be interpreted as a mirror image of the current state of US politics. I leave you the freedom to “read” between the lines and make sense of the drawing. History keeps repeating itself….

Your feedback is always appreciated!


Monet – Les Roses

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Claude Monet’s Secret Garden, showing the gardens at Giverney in all their beauty and color. These are some of the paintings he refused to sell or exhibit, he produced them late in his career.


When in Tuscany….

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Combining my two passions, wine and art. Nothing better than a trip to Tuscany. If you have the chance, visit Castello di Ama which shows art installations of famous artists and the wine they make is nothing like you’ve ever tried.

These women are some of America’s greate

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These women are some of America’s greatest artists. Why don’t they get the respect they deserve? – The Washington Post http://ow.ly/yp9r30jsmdZ

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