Sketch of the day: Political Situation

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Although this sketch was made about 46 years ago while Nixon was president it can be interpreted as a mirror image of the current state of US politics. I leave you the freedom to “read” between the lines and make sense of the drawing. History keeps repeating itself….

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Monet – Les Roses

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Monet.fp (3)Monet.fac. (2)

Claude Monet’s Secret Garden, showing the gardens at Giverney in all their beauty and color. These are some of the paintings he refused to sell or exhibit, he produced them late in his career.


When in Tuscany….

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Combining my two passions, wine and art. Nothing better than a trip to Tuscany. If you have the chance, visit Castello di Ama which shows art installations of famous artists and the wine they make is nothing like you’ve ever tried.

These women are some of America’s greate

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These women are some of America’s greatest artists. Why don’t they get the respect they deserve? – The Washington Post http://ow.ly/yp9r30jsmdZ

Happy Easter!

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Relief woodcarving showing the Resurrection of Christ unfold.

The master woodcarver at work

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One of my many talents as a child, pretending to carve a large statue with my little chisel. This is how I kept busy on the weekends in my fancy outfit. Please don’t judge my mushroom haircut.

Sketch of the day: Do what we do best, turn our backs!

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After yet another massacre in the US lots is being said and written but as history tells us, nothing will be done. It will all be forgotten in a few weeks and we move on with our lives, waiting for the next horrible event to happen and then start the whole mourning process again.

It is time to speak up and do something about it. It is us that need to take action because relying on whoever is in charge will not change a thing.

What do you think needs to be done and how can we help change this sick and corrupt system? I would love to hear your thoughts on this!

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