It has been 20 years!

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Wilfried Senoner (20.01.1945 – 26.03.1999)
Nightmare by Wilfried Senoner (A self portrait with a look into the future)

Remembering a great man, an awesome dad and an outstanding artist that was ahead of its time. His paintings and sculptures, a clear message to mankind. At times shocking and provoking, with the goal to awaken us from our silliness and stupidity.

We miss you all today and always and we will make sure your work is being seen because the world deserves to see your art and hear your message!


To a happy and blessed New Year!



Minimalist portrait of a man lying on his side and looking back at year gone by.

Mixed media technique using pen, ink and oil. What are your expectations for the year to come?

Happy New Year folks!!!!

Wednesday art: bird watching

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Doubleexposure.birdWho is watching who? The bird moments before he attacks its prey, unaware of being watched!

When your ideas are turned into art!

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Wood carving at its best, from the middle of the Dolomites. Let us know about your ideas….and we turn them into reality!

Sketch of the day: Do what we do best, turn our backs!

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sketch.body.study (5).wordpress

After yet another massacre in the US lots is being said and written but as history tells us, nothing will be done. It will all be forgotten in a few weeks and we move on with our lives, waiting for the next horrible event to happen and then start the whole mourning process again.

It is time to speak up and do something about it. It is us that need to take action because relying on whoever is in charge will not change a thing.

What do you think needs to be done and how can we help change this sick and corrupt system? I would love to hear your thoughts on this!

Detail from the Heller Altar by Matthias Grünewald

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This is a detail of the altar triptych oil painting by Duerer and Matthias Grünewald.

Chili Thom – a Canadian artist

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This painting is entitled “Across the Valley” and shows the stunning wilderness of BC. Notice the meticulous layers of color and the detailed shapes. Great artists always leave early…

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