True Beauty

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Skull Art – Prints are available on Etsy!

With the Dolomites on my mind, I ponder about the fragility of nature while being well aware of the shortness of our existence ….

Sketch of the day – be yourself!

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Ink on paper sketch of a woman sitting.

The self is not something one finds, it is something one creates. Thomas Szasz

Playing the violin

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Since it’s the weekend, here is your pencil and pen drawing of a girl playing the violin.

The Earth giveth the Earth taketh away…

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One of my favorite streetart pieces in Vancouver showing the relationship we have with mother Earth!

Pietá – Self death by Lee Yong Baek

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The mold and the molded figure, or the producer and the produced. The mold is Virgin Mary holding the death molded figure, Jesus. The relationship between the producer and the produced insinuates a process of self-reproduction in which elements of biological gender are eliminated. It represent the contradiction of human existence and religious hypocrisy, the dark savageness of human society and civilisation…..

I saw this piece at the Venice biennale in 2011 and I really liked it so I thought I’d share it with you.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA