Italian Architecture

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Leaving you with this pictures of church facades in Southern Italy to start off a wonderful week. Note the totally different materials used as well as decorations and artistic endeavor.


Inside the Vatican

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Just a little glimpse of the treasures to be found when visiting the Vatican. Obviously it is even better when you know someone that can take you to those spots a regular tourist wouldn’t have access to. Now, more than ever is probably the best time to visit….

Just waiting for Winter to arrive….



Snow makes whiteness where it falls,

all traces of a busy Summer washed away.

Dirt and trails just covered with the white powder.

It makes you forget what once was

and like every year it gives you strength for a new cause…

Stunning architecture in Lecce (Italy)

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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAStunning architecture in Lecce (Italy)

This is a lovely little church I came across in Lecce. I recommend this little jewel to those who are planning a romantic wedding in this gorgeous city where food and wine are unbelievably cheap!

Maui and its churches..

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IMG_1047Maui and its churches..

Strong believes on this amazing jewel of an Island…