To a happy and blessed New Year!



Minimalist portrait of a man lying on his side and looking back at year gone by.

Mixed media technique using pen, ink and oil. What are your expectations for the year to come?

Happy New Year folks!!!!

Pure Chaos – Sunday Art

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Mixed Media painting, using pencil, ink and a splash of red watercolor. How many faces do you recognize?

Monday painting: making love

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This is a mixed media painting on cardboard using a variety of colors and pencils. What better art piece to start off the week! Comments are greatly appreciated.

A little bit of art, politics and culture!

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Such an expressive piece of art, it does not need any explanation from my side!

Double exposure art

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Posing nude in a desert in Nevada or posing nude on the snow covered Dolomites?

Sunday mixed media painting: Thoughts for Paris

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A painting says more than a thousand words….

“Our baggage includes everything from once valid beliefs and practices that have outlived their usefulness, to misinformation and misconceptions that we have accepted and even embraced without much examination or thought.” Harvey Ventura

Cartoon of the day: Nixon stamp!

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Cartoon of the day: Nixon stamp!

Mixed media drawing/collage of former president Nixon. Open for new interpretations…

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