Happy Hump day! Naked

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You start off with a pencil to draw the main lines and then you use soft watercolors for the shading and light coloring.

Sketch of the day – be yourself!

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Ink on paper sketch of a woman sitting.

The self is not something one finds, it is something one creates. Thomas Szasz

Sketch of the day: forms of a woman…

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For happiness, how little suffices for happiness! The least thing precisely, the gentlest thing, the lightest thing, a lizard’s rustling, a breath, a wisk, an eye glance – little maketh up the best happiness. Be still.” Friedrich Nietzsche

Nude drawing by Salvador Dali

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La lune a fait passer

son bras par ma croisee.

C’est un grand bras de bronze

plein de bracelets d’onde.

Sur le bleu d’un cristal

joue au fleuve mon ame.

Et les instants blesses

par l’heure…s’ecoulaient. Federico Garcia Lorca

Nude sketch of the day

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Nude sketch of the day

“For I must tell you that we artists can not tread the path of beauty without Eros keeping company with us and appointing himself as our guide.” Thomas Mann

This drawing is likely to be part of my sketchbook project on Indiegogo. Go ahead and spread the word.