Nude painting of the day

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Nude woman painted on a 105cm x 75cm woodpanel.

It is Summer time…

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With Summer around the corner and the sun shining bright again, it is time to get in touch with the ocean and cleanse our bodies from all the bad energies we may have gathered during Winter. Becoming one with the crystal clear waters, the wind and the sand. This double exposure artwork is trying to convey that.

Nude painting of the week!

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When you wake up in the morning and contemplate about your life and the future of the world….Have a gorgeous Monday everyone!

Filling the space…

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“Nothing great has ever been achieve without enthusiasm.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Nude pencil sketch

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Pencil drawing by Wilfried Senoner

Nude painting of the day: sipping some wine!

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Oil painting on wood panel. It’s time for a glass of wine….

Venus rising from the Sea – Titian

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Venus,Titian (1),tw,fanc,fli,pin,word,gcomm

The Goddess of love in Greek mythology. Venus or Aphrodite was born fully grown from the sea and landed on Paphos on Cyprus. It became the centre of the worship. She has been wafted ashore on the scallop shell you see beside her. It may have been a high relief by Antonio Lombardo, carved for Titian’s master, that gave Titian the inspiration for this painting.

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