Resolutions for the day

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text marybakereddy(2)

A poem by Mary Baker Eddy

It is Summer time…

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With Summer around the corner and the sun shining bright again, it is time to get in touch with the ocean and cleanse our bodies from all the bad energies we may have gathered during Winter. Becoming one with the crystal clear waters, the wind and the sand. This double exposure artwork is trying to convey that.

A moment of Reflection

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Every now and then it is time to climb a mountain and just absorb the beauty of what’s around us.

True Beauty

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Skull Art – Prints are available on Etsy!

With the Dolomites on my mind, I ponder about the fragility of nature while being well aware of the shortness of our existence ….

Double exposure: A sexy giant

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Why do all giants have to be ugly or scary looking men? Would you run away from this one?

The colors of Mexico!


Mexican (1),twsMexican (3).weesen

The amazing colors of a Mexican city. Looks pretty unreal….

Filling the space…

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“Nothing great has ever been achieve without enthusiasm.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

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