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A poem by Mary Baker Eddy


Nude drawing by Salvador Dali

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La lune a fait passer

son bras par ma croisee.

C’est un grand bras de bronze

plein de bracelets d’onde.

Sur le bleu d’un cristal

joue au fleuve mon ame.

Et les instants blesses

par l’heure…s’ecoulaient. Federico Garcia Lorca

This is Edinburgh!

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The beauty of Edinburgh and its cemeteries is overwhelming.                                                     Like stepping into another world, a different time, where angels,                                             demons and all sorts of creatures roamed the earth.                                                         I walk through the graves, the many crosses, and my eyes can’t stop wandering around.                           There is such peace, that I must stop and just listen to the silence, trying to hear the angels whisper. Gorgeous carvings and engravings of forgotten and untold stories.                                             I try to understand, I try to make sense but I get distracted over and over again                             by the colours and smells of stone and fresh moss.

This is Edinburgh