Monday blues: Angels are watching over us…

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“Music is well said to be the speech of angels, in fact, nothing among

the utterances allowed to men, is felt to be so divine.

It brings us near the infinite.” Thomas Carlyle


Drawing of the day: For your eyes only!

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Drawing of the day: For your eyes only!

A little something to get you through the day! Note the flawless shape of the masculine legs and that juicy bum, clearly a sign of intense workout. I am sure you wonder who it belongs to but unfortunately that is a secret the artist has to keep for himself.

Cartoon of the day: Nixon stamp!

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Cartoon of the day: Nixon stamp!

Mixed media drawing/collage of former president Nixon. Open for new interpretations…

Landscape painting!


Landscape painting!

Oil painting landscape of my little valley and its beautiful mountains. The snow is melting and the bright green colors are making its way through with all the nice flowers that unfortunately make my allergies even worse. Wish you a wonderful weekend.

Nude drawing of the day


Nude drawing of the day

Pen on paper drawing of a woman lying on the floor. I hope you like it.

Cartoon of the day! Masochist vs Sadist

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Cartoon of the day! Masochist vs Sadist

What men and women really think..

Carnival sketch! Let the party begin…

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Carnival sketch! Let the party begin...

Like every year is Carnival a time of fun, jokes and lots of alcohol. Parents are getting super busy trying to come up with the best possible and cutest dress ups for their little ones. Well this one I don`t quite know what it should resemble but I leave you room for imagination. Happy Carnival to you all!!!

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