Station of the Cross

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This is a relief custom woodcarving of the Station of the Cross using a more modern approach. The sculpture has been primed and then hand painted with natural colors and no varnish. We use an agate stone to polish the piece and make sure the color absorbs into the wood.


Wishing you all a very blessed Merry Christmas!

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This is a custom carved nativity, carved out of one block of wood and left untreated and unpainted. It is tradition in our town to have the nativity next to the Christmas tree where the family gathers and sings songs.

A nativity to help!

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The nativity at the Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi

We are proud to announce that we will be starting a crowdfunding campaign very soon to help the victims of the earthquake that struck Italy at the end of August. We plan to exhibit the giant nativity somewhere in Italy, with all the funds going to support those who still suffer. We know that every little bit of help will be of immense value.                         Our generosity is what makes us human!

We will keep you posted on where to find us on Indiegogo and we will let you know more about this ambitious project and how you can make a difference. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and please support this cause!

The Virgin Mary with Child!

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A modern rendition of the Virgin Mary. Tell us what you think! Any kind of feedback is very appreciated. Thank you!

Art and poem by Wilfried Senoner: Fragility

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Never, never like today,

have I felt so tiny,

so small in nature,

among sand and little stones

by the river.

Small, low, weak

helpless human being

minuscule pile of bones and flesh.

Tiny form,

form with four limbs

alone in the sand

divided in two parts.

Show a little LOVE! Valentine’s hearts!

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hearts,ets (1)                                                         hearts,ets (2)

hearts,ets (3)

I know, Valentine’s Day is around the corner and men (myself included) are going nuts about what to buy to their loved one! Waiting until the last day and then frenetically just get the usual, whether it’s roses, chocolate or lingerie. Am I right? Why are men so incapable of expressing their emotions and very good at repressing their feelings. It is in my opinion a very useless day, that is nothing but a commercial tool nowadays. Why not dig deeper and discover what truly makes us love each other and open our eyes to what lies in front of us. I recently came across a great quote by Robert Karen: “We’d rather not love at all than face the truth about the past and abandon forever our unconscious dreams of a future made whole by perfection.” Think about it for a moment….

The Manger of Contention!

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Merry Christmas,

Aaron Senoner has some Christmas greetings for you:

This article below about our nativity appeared in the local newspaper and the title says “The manger of contention”. The Pastor of a little town in South Tyrol, Italy, insisted about exhibiting the nativity in his community. He did an amazing job displaying the artwork and trying to convey the true meaning of this modern untraditional nativity. The king on the left represents the Power which is faceless, with no hands and no voice, but with a microfon around its neck. The power that goes after the weak and helpless. Maria with baby Jesus on her lap, shaped like a cradle and symbolising the letter “T” for Tau. The Tau was Saint Francis favourite symbol standing for peace, redemption and the fulfilled life.

For some to me unknown reason it caused some disagreement amongst the locals. The black background apparently symbolising darkness and death. What stuns me most is the close mindedness of some people that fail to see the bigger picture and always seem to find something negative in whatever they come across. Nevertheless, I wish them too a very blessed Christmas and hope they can see beyond their conventional thinking and embrace the true meaning of Christmas and the message such artwork is trying to convey.

Merry Christmas


This is the article in German:


“All we want, whether we are honeybees, ponderosa pines, coyotes, human beings, or stars, is to love and be loved, to be accepted, cherished and celebrated simply for being who we are. Is that so very difficult?” Derrick Jensen

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