True North Bald and Free

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I have been experimenting with low poly designs lately and I must say it is more fun than I anticipated. This is my eagle project which I named “True north bald and free”. Tell me what you think, would love some feedback, eh! I am selling some fun merchandise on redbubble if you wanna take a look.

Farewell Summer….

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Beautiful little lake called “Saint lake” in the middle of the Dolomites (Puez-Odle). Ancient tales tell the story of a church that apparently was swallowed by the crystal clear lake. You might still hear its bells on a very quite night!

Wednesday art: bird watching

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Doubleexposure.birdWho is watching who? The bird moments before he attacks its prey, unaware of being watched!

Born today: Claude Joseph Vernet

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This French neoclassic painter was born today in 1714. This piece is called: “A Calm at a Mediterranean Port” and is one of the many sea pieces and marine landscapes the artist became famous for.


Portrait of the day

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Pencil portrait

“You know, if one paints someone’s portrait, one should not know him/her if possible.” Otto Dix


Bronze and Wood

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Different mediums with similar results. The beauty of bronze is that it constantly changes colors over the years. Which on is your favorite?

Riemenschneider Blood Altar



riemenschneider (2)riemenschneider (8)

Died today in 1531 the great German artist Tilman Riemenschneider. This is an original replica of his famous Blood altar on a slightly smaller scale. The art piece can still be admired in our gallery and is still available for rent or purchase. It was carved in 1992 by Wilfried Senoner (1945-1999) and it took more than one year to finish.

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