Opinion | Do You Have to Be a Jerk to Be

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Opinion | Do You Have to Be a Jerk to Be Great? – The New York Times http://ow.ly/ZbpH30pfsUX

Need your votes! 248 more to get to the

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Need your votes! 248 more to get to the next round!

It has been 20 years!

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Wilfried Senoner (20.01.1945 – 26.03.1999)
Nightmare by Wilfried Senoner (A self portrait with a look into the future)

Remembering a great man, an awesome dad and an outstanding artist that was ahead of its time. His paintings and sculptures, a clear message to mankind. At times shocking and provoking, with the goal to awaken us from our silliness and stupidity.

We miss you all today and always and we will make sure your work is being seen because the world deserves to see your art and hear your message!


Happy Valentine’s Day

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This is a fresco painting of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden looking after their animals.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all lovers out there! How are you celebrating this special day?

Is Figurative or Abstract Art More Popul

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Is Figurative or Abstract Art More Popular Today? -#Artsy #artbasel #Miami http://ow.ly/seV130nxGyV

Claude Joseph Vernet A Calm at a Mediterranean port



Love this painting because of the soft colors he uses and the details that come through. Do you have a favorite landscape artist? Let us know who!

To a happy and blessed New Year!



Minimalist portrait of a man lying on his side and looking back at year gone by.

Mixed media technique using pen, ink and oil. What are your expectations for the year to come?

Happy New Year folks!!!!

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