A sign of the times! Streetart in Vancouver

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streetart,iheart (3)word,tw,pin streetart,iheart (4)word,tw,pin

Social media obsession shown by street artist #Iheart. Have a gorgeous weekend everyone!


Painter Alfred #Steiner Mixes Unseemly I

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Painter Alfred #Steiner Mixes Unseemly Images with #PopCulture Icons! #popart #twitart http://ow.ly/OF9zZ

Double Exposure: The newest veggies on the market, no GMO!

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“All the food we eat, every grain of rice or kernel of corn, has been genetically modified. None of it was here before mankind learned to cultivate crops. The question isn’t whether our food has been modified, the question is how.”

Michael Specter







Vincent Van Gogh – Olive trees

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One of the many olive tree paintings Van Gogh did in 1889 during his time spend at the asylum of St. Paul in the Provence. This particular one is the one I like best because of the predominance of the blue color and it can be seen at the National Gallery of Scotland in Edinburgh.

Wine is Art!

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One of the oldest wineries in Montepulciano, Tuscany.


Beautiful art and outstanding wine to be found at Castello di Ama.

La Renommée écrivant l’histoire du Roi by Domenico Guidi

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The rabbits are multiplying!

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The tradition of woodcarving in the Gardena Valley goes back almost 400 years. Some old traditions have been lost. Carving all sorts of mountain animals was one of them. My grandmother used to carve these rabbits as well as marmots. Obviously they were not painted since there was little time for that. We decided to bring them back to life with a little more color. Hope you like them. In case you fancy them, some are still available here: http://ebay.eu/1KxEIzi

“Be brave little rabbit, take a chance.” Cherise Sinclair

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