Some flower ideas for my future garden! What is your favorite?


CIMG3273  CIMG3286

Portrait of the day!

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The wisdom god, Woden, went out to the king of the trolls, got him in an armlock, and demanded to know of him how order might triumph over chaos. “Give me your left eye,” said the troll, “and I will tell you.” Without hesitation, Woden gave up his left eye. “Now tell me.” The troll said, “The secret is, ‘Watch with both eyes!'”

John Gardner

Born today Austrian artist Gustav Klimt!

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Frauenbildnis-Klim_1647117c klimt,flowergarden,wee,tw,fap,pin,fanc Klimt.Friends,link,word,pin,fan,tw

Klimt’s main subject was obviously the female body which he portrayed with great sensuality and eroticism. He became particularly famous with his “Golden Phase” paintings where he added gold leaves to his paintings.

“Art is a line around your thoughts.” Gustav Klimt

Finding some shade!

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In this crazy weather a little bit of shade is always welcome. I wonder how the sheep is doing?

Monday drawing: nude women talking!



Pencil and watercolor painting of a bunch of naked women talking. Happy Monday everyone!

Happy Canada Day everyone!

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IMG_0455 IMG_0470

Beautiful memories from Vancouver, Canada.

A sign of the times! Streetart in Vancouver

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streetart,iheart (3)word,tw,pin streetart,iheart (4)word,tw,pin

Social media obsession shown by street artist #Iheart. Have a gorgeous weekend everyone!


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