Nude drawing by Salvador Dali

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La lune a fait passer

son bras par ma croisee.

C’est un grand bras de bronze

plein de bracelets d’onde.

Sur le bleu d’un cristal

joue au fleuve mon ame.

Et les instants blesses

par l’heure…s’ecoulaient. Federico Garcia Lorca

Art and poem by Wilfried Senoner: Fragility

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Never, never like today,

have I felt so tiny,

so small in nature,

among sand and little stones

by the river.

Small, low, weak

helpless human being

minuscule pile of bones and flesh.

Tiny form,

form with four limbs

alone in the sand

divided in two parts.

A very blessed Saturday everyone!

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20150801_102932 20150801_102810

Two slightly different interpretations of a crucifix project. Which one do you prefer?

Lise Stoufflet Draws Connections In and

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Lise Stoufflet Draws Connections In and Out of Her #Paintings! #followart http://ow.ly/RQ9GX

Beautiful nude painting by Salvador Dali!

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“Liking money like I like it,

is nothing less than mysticism.

Money is a glory.” Salvador Dali

The last joys of Summer!


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Are you enjoying this last Summer days? It has been a gorgeous one with plenty of sun, almost too much. What better way to remember it than a little pocket landscape painting!

“Ahh, Summer what power you have, to make us suffer and like it.” Russell Baker

The colors of the North: Lakes of the Rockies!

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Amazed by the beauty of the numerous lake on the way to Jasper, Canada. All with a different color and a different smell, able to generate emotions that usually remain hidden inside myself.

“Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers,

the mountain and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters,

and teach some of us more than we can ever learn from books.”

John Lubbock

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