Playing the violin

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Since it’s the weekend, here is your pencil and pen drawing of a girl playing the violin.

Is Abstract Art the most understood?

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Abstract painting using a special printing technique.

Monday painting: making love

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This is a mixed media painting on cardboard using a variety of colors and pencils. What better art piece to start off the week! Comments are greatly appreciated.

The Virgin Mary with Child!

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A modern rendition of the Virgin Mary. Tell us what you think! Any kind of feedback is very appreciated. Thank you!

Diego Velazquez – Crucifixion

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Christ depicted as the most beautiful men!

The New Edinburgh!

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Ever wondered what beautiful Edinburgh would look like with big mountains surrounding its city? A mountain chain that would protect them from all evil out there. Who wants mountains around Edinburgh? Let’s start a referendum!

Brexit – Like a bullet through the throat

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Where there is death there is also life, hence the expression¬†“circle of life”. But what does it really mean for the EU and the rest of the world? Scotland is gonna ask for independence next and who knows what else we can expect….

This painting is entitled “Nightmare” and I reckon it is a great depiction of what is going on right now! What are your thoughts and fears in regards? Please share!


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